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Our network was founded to support job seekers like you and make sure they wake up to a job that they like. To achieve this, we turn the tables and interview companies that apply for being part of our network!

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Why we want you on board

You’re a team player and your skillset brings value to every company you work for. You wonder, why nobody wants to invite you for an interview even though your qualification is more than enough.

Sometimes employers don’t have time and take the first catch home. They regret it later, learn from their mistakes and hire us. We take the time to carefully match candidates with companies to ensure both ends are happy and satisfied. Sign up for our waiting list to get notified about jobs from our network!

We support you with all the tedious tasks that come with applying for jobs

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Exclusive Networking

You might wonder, what does that mean?
We carefully select our partners and make sure they meet our standards to work with us. We want to connect you with great companies, that offer benefits and value their employees!

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Efficient communication

No more reading of endless job postings. No more changing and sending your resume. No more staring at your inbox. We take over and cover all the communication between you and the company!

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All the annoying paperwork

With us, you don’t have to worry about printing out your CV anymore or rephrasing your resume. We take care of all the paperwork so you can go straight to the interview!

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Professional coaching

We give you tips and tricks for your interview so you can go in and shine with confidence instead of being nervous about the situation. It’s time to get yourself the job you’ve always wanted!

We carefully select the companies we work with

so you don’t have to worry about unpleasant working conditions anymore!

Explore the benefits of working with us

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  • You get access to companies who are exclusively hiring through recruitment agencies
  • We only select companies that meet our standard and give you benefits
  • We apply for you and cover all the communication with the company. You only have to show up for the interview!
  • We tell you the company’s pros/cons and salary right away so you know what you sign up for
  • We’re a small company with great reach, treating you like an individual

Applying yourself

  • Getting hired by these exclusive companies is almost impossible without knowing a guy
  • You might end up in a job with bad working conditions and no benefits
  • You waste time staring at your inbox, triple-checking emails and re-doing your CV over and over again, wondering what you should change
  • You’re being asked for a salary expectation which is just a quick filter to sort you out
  • You feel unheard and keep receiving copy pasta messages

Ready to get your application process to the next level? Sign up for free to our waiting list and receive exclusive jobs from our network.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to sign up for the waiting list?

Signing up to our waiting list is absolutely free – just like our service for job seekers in general!

How long do you store my data for the waiting list?

We store your data up to a maximum of 2 years after the first day of inactivity. You have the right to request a deletion of your data at any time. Simply contact us at We’ll delete your data within 7 business days after receiving your email.

Which jobs do you offer?

Our network and reach is quite big so we have lots of different jobs to offer. Each and every company we partner with has a different focus. Just join us for free and find out yourself :)

Which companies do you work with?

Our business partners trust us to treat this information exclusively for invited job seekers. We can assure you that we carefully select the companies according to our standards and make sure you’ll like the place you’ll work at!

What do I need to be on the waiting list?

Absolutely nothing. It’s helpful and recommended to upload your CV so we don’t have to contact you for it in case we have a job offer. But you can also choose to just fill in the form without uploading anything.

Can’t find what you were looking for?
Feel free to contact us.

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