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We provide you with selected applicants that have the skillset you’re looking for and are dedicated to help you grow your business.

Finding dedicated employees is one of the biggest challenges in business

You probably know how unhappy employees cost you more than they earn money for you. If you find yourself constantly having to replace employees because of low quality work or demotivated behavior, we gladly help you to finally find the perfect match for your job posting!

Save these resources by working with us

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First save

No more stress with reading emails from applicants who don’t match the job posting.

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Therefore save

You and your team can focus on the important aspects of your daily business.

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Ultimately save

No more replacing newly hired employees who have already cost you a fortune in training.

But how are we different from other recruitment agencies?

We deliver quality over quantity.

We don’t want to spam your inbox with as many job seekers as possible just to close the deal. We make sure to connect you with a talent that will support your company’s growth and from whose skillset the rest of your team can benefit, too! We strive to bring great people together and help you build an excellent team for you and your company.

Requirements for joining our network

To ensure a good work environment for our talents, we set some standards for companies that would like to join our network. You’re eligible if all of the following aspects are true:

  • You listen to your employees and make them feel heard and understood
  • Your company offers benefits for employees (e.g. flexitime, company car, remote work, …)
  • You’re open for a quick call with us to talk about your company and business philosophy

Frequently asked questions

How many people work at your company?

There’s currently three people assisting me. We don’t want to grow exponentially but rather take it slow and steady. As a small company we have an easier time keeping an overview.

How are you different from other recruitment agencies?

We build an exclusive network, selecting talents and companies that we work with very carefully. Before referring a talent we make sure you’re a perfect match. We don’t want to make fast money by just referring anyone. We want to connect great companies with great people to support your workflow and watch you create great things.

Where are you based?

We’re currently based in Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia. We are internationally connected, though!

Which countries are you scouting?

We are scouting internationally, predominantly Germany, Ireland, Netherlands. Nowadays, with a lot of remote job postings, the location is quite peripheral.

How can you guarantee that the employment will work out?

You will get to know the candidate through your interview process and can decide yourself whether or not you’d like them on board. We’re here to connect but you’re still the one who gets to make the decisions!

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