Recruitment start up with love for details

We’re a small business with a great vision to create a high quality network of job seekers and hiring companies.

We want to connect great people with great companies

We’re not only here for companies. We’re not only here for job seekers either. We’re here to satisfy both ends. We have in depth conversations with our talents as well as the companies we work with. This way, we make sure to create a network of excellence.

NKR is run by first hand professionals

We only offer what we know best: all of our networking partners have been working in similar positions as we’re looking for. Why’s that? So we know exactly how to rate somebody’s expertise, where to employ them and how to train them to improve their performance.

Recruitment Agency Germany
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We love diversity and won’t judge you in any way

You’re good at what you do and fit the company’s spirit? Awesome, that’s all we need! We don’t judge you for your appearance, origin, name, age or your preference of having or not having pineapple on pizza. Jokes aside, talking about diversity is nothing new. We want to embrace it and normalize having different people in a team.

We strive to support you with the best of the best - talking to companies and job seekers.

CEO & Founder

Naila Khan

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, I started building my knowledge all around companies, sales and HR from a very young age. One of the things I’ve learned, was the importance of long-term partnerships and connections. To build these long-term partnerships it’s cruical to deliver quality work, be reliable, empathic and transparent. That’s exactly what NKR is about!

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